Great graphics make great websites

Users will always conflate image quality with business quality.

Look at any well designed website and chances are good design is being supported by great photos and videos. Truly amazing photography needs little embellishment to craft a convincing website.

However, it’s hard to come by. The easy alternative is stock photography or something uploaded from your phone. The problem with this is most web users tend to have a sixth sense for stock photography. Think of awful tropes such as “women laughing eating salad” or “businessman pumping fist”. Such corny fakery undermines any authenticity your website may otherwise establish. Low quality phone photos tend to run foul of rule#1 above: it gives a bad impression of your business quality.

Transparency really helps build trust with users. To this end, we encourage our clients to include pictures of themselves and their offices. Smiling faces also help with engagement! We sometimes run into a little bit of reluctance to ‘be published’ but it does help humanise your organisation.

We can recommend excellent photographers if you don’t have professionals at hand.