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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You're not alone; one of our clients primary concerns is how high they appear on Google. The two pillars of a successful website can be thought of as traffic and conversion.

1. Traffic

Traffic is the volume of people that visit your website.

We’d strongly advise investing in several inbound marketing channels. Search Engines are but one. However, optimising your website for search offers a cost effective, long term, stream of visitors. So how do we do SEO Bristol fashion…

2. Conversion

Conversion is the percentage that go on to do what you want.

Working with us you will either have, or plan to have, a website that converts visitors to your desired goal at a decent rate.

If this conversion rate is good, your search rank equates to traffic that eventually translates to achieving your goals whether they be direct sales, brand awareness or just contact.

How do we increase your search rank?

Breaking it down

There’s a million moving parts to thorough SEO; Google continually iterates the policies and algorithms which decide which sites rank well. However, we need a model to move forward with. We like to think of three areas that you absolutely have to attend to:

Did you know UK Search = Google

Google isn’t all there is, but you do need to crack that first. In the UK Google is 90% of the search market, with options like Bing (5%) and Yahoo (4%) trailing in distant competition. By the time you have good Google rankings, chances are the rest will be there to.

1. How the site is built

The technical framework and coding of the site needs to check several boxes. We naturally take care of this for you in best practice fashion during our site builds.

2. What your site says

Google looks hard at your written content; it needs to be relevant, of a decent volume, original and of value.

3. Who links to your website

If respected, well trafficked sites from your sector link to you, then Google sees that as a positive sign that you are authoritative and trustworthy.

I just need some tags right?

If you’ve asked around friends or the internet, you’ve probably heard of a couple of quick fixes for SEO. “These tags, that plugin.”

Doesn’t exist. Quick fixes for SEO are snake medicine. It’s logically impossible – if such a quick fix were found, given the amount of money involved it would propagate speedily, Google would look at it and tweak their algorithm to account for it.

Many silly tricks worked several years ago to fool search engines. However, smart people work at Google and to date they’ve thwarted and continue to combat most such techniques.

Developers asked to get websites ranking well naturally look very closely at what Google wants to see.

Some years ago Google realised the power they therefore held to shape the web. Currently their vision for the web means an increasing concentration on good site content as they feel looking at that will encourage website owners to develop better content rather than spammy content. They’re starting to look harder at responsive presentation.

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