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Our Fantastic Web Hosting

Frankly, you're not that interested in the details. And that's what most web hosting providers miss.

Our experience shows

We’ve used dozens of reputable web hosting services & never found one that neatly met all the real world demands of our clients. Sure we could find fast servers or ones that did backups but our clients were, at some stage, expected to be in the loop in an active maintenance role.

Hosts typically view their products as “fire and forget” where what you need is a partner. A technical partner who will take care of these annoyances, updates and tweaks for you rather than expecting you to learn the ropes.

Our Managed Service

Our hosting package is unique. We update your platform & plugins with security and performance upgrades. We see our job as taking you out of the loop as much as possible when it comes to technicalities; we’re there to take care of everything for you.

Our hosting is focused on real world application for small business in the UK. You don’t have technical staff, your staff is focused on your core business; let us manage all those web hosting issues for you so you can get to business.

Our Hosting is Different

Our WebSpry hosting doesn’t require you to get interested, or more importantly to lift a finger.

We handle all security and performance updates for your website platform for the duration of your agreement. So you can remain blissfully unaware of the alarming security patches, frequent tweaks and just enjoy the business benefits of a secure, blazing fast, website.

Web hosting servers

It’s green too

Yep our data centre uses SSD drives and efficient processors to drive down the power usage of the servers. I mean who wants that electricity bill?

Of course every watt used in running servers we have to spend energy cooling too. Our data centre is split level to optimise cooling but it still does drain energy to cool.

Unavoidably we use a fair bit of energy and so this is carbon offset. Not ideal but we’re trying hard!

Webspry Hosting

Our sister company, Webspry Hosting launched in 2016 and is available at https://webspryhosting.com. You will be able to make exclusive hosting deals direct and create bespoke packages not seen elsewhere on the web that include management of the technial side of things and your public content.

technical stuff

Just in case you do actually care! This package does all the usual things hosts tout: it’s fast secure, backed up etc. These are important aspects and we make sure our servers do these jobs well.

Server hardware

  • Supermicro Rackmount Servers
  • Dual Hex Core CPUs
  • Minimum 192GB DDR4 RAM
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Hardware RAID10
  • Dual Power Supply Units (PSUs)

Server software

  • Cloud Linux & Enhanced cPanel
  • Web Application Firewall
  • SSL Encryption
  • HTTP/2 Supported
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server
  • PHP 7.1, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 and 5.3
  • MySQL 5.6 Performance Tuned