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Logo design is the instantly recognisable aspect of branding that we consult on for clients. Good branding continues throughout your website but it starts here...

Proof of the pudding…

Need a logo? We have extensive experience in creating logos for brands in Bristol & beyond.

Find below some of our logo design work. We go on to touch on how brand is more than just your logo.

Just a trim?

Already have a logo? Our clients with established businesses often find themselves in need of some brand TLC. Some are 20 years in to a successful business with a dated look, others are start-ups that have survived their first two years and have already outgrown their homemade or bootstrapped logo design.


Americana, Bespoke, Quality

Pickled Pig needed something with an Americana BBQ feel but with a modern high quality bespoke feel to match their product.

Epic! Amazing work on the logo, which may I say exceeded my expectations and blew me away

- Lee Taylor, Pickled Pig


Caring, positive, medical

Nearest Relative might operate in the medical sector but does not wish to appear clinical. The lowercase makes it more approachable and although the greens remind the viewer of care environments the overall mood is about helping, engagement and positivity.


Gravitas & Patented Grace

Volt has 30 years experience delivering unique, elegant speaker solutions to senior engineers and purchasers. The brand work carries the necessary gravitas and refinement for the market and focuses on their patented product.


Wine Centric B2B Powerhouse

SWW is a hugely successful b2b merchant covering the southwest. The logo evokes their down to earth but growing business and centres around their expertise in wine. The logo needed to be bold, orientated to business owners and show their strength.

Fresh, Energetic, Cutting Edge

BPH is a  brand new business created by local printers with huge experience. The logo needed to be energetic, colourful and attract both a student and corporate audience.

If your brand had a voice how would it sound?

Imagine your brand as a living breathing person, how would they sound? Streetwise or intellectual? Cool and corporate or warm and emotional?

There’s no universal answer only what is true to your brand. Identifying what that truth is, is the first step in being consistent in the presentation of you brand.

Remember that voice and that character whenever you need to talk from the perspective of your brand. We can help you define this and the way to put it across.

How are you different?

Our brand work will begin with a discussion. We ask how you see your services & how you want them to be perceived. Brand is a statement of self and this statement needs to be clear and consistent. Our job is to find the fonts, colours, images, moods and settings that will form that statement.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room

- Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Visual Identity or Chaos…

A strong visual identity stops your business appearing generic & anonymous. It should exist across your site and not just in your logo.


Lets talk about your logo design & brand...