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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a must, and all our websites are created responsively as a matter of course.

The need

Until quite recently websites were served up at fixed sizes, appropriate to contemporary computer use. However, over the last few years it has become as likely your website visitor is using a mobile, tablet or laptop device as they are a PC.

As a result websites need to work at a variety of sizes to serve the most people. This can mean anything from a 1″ smart watch to a 60″ 4k display; it’s not just about being mobile friendly.


Just because a user is on a mobile, don’t assume they are on the move or after only a limited amount of information. It’s a common mistake to assume users only use mobile in certain situations or for certain reasons.

For many people mobile is their primary access to the internet. You should be trying to serve them as well as possible regardless of device.

Fitting on the screen

The most obvious aspect of responsive design is the way the page literally responds to the device it is displayed on and fits on it neatly.


We also need to think about rich media like large images and video. Can we afford to have some of your users wait for this content?


Touchscreen is not the same as using a mouse. You can’t hover over buttons, but new options like multi-touch and swiping become available.

Food for thought

We don’t necessarily want to present a ‘cut down’ presentation to mobile users. Honestly, if you can so easily cut out that content; you should first assess what value does it have to desktop users?

Responsive web design also turns the spotlight on your content, and during the design process we will be working with you to establish; What are your visitors interested in? How can you provide value? How can you put all of this across is an easy to use and engaging way?

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