Why you should secure your website with SSL

SSL is a technology that encrypts everything between your browser and the website you are looking at.

Not every website has SSL, but there’s a way you can tell which ones do! Every site with an SSL certificate will have a little padlock in your browser bar, whatever your browser…


Firefox, Chrome & IE browser bars

As a website user it’s great for privacy of your information and security, but beyond passing those benefits to your website users, why does it matter to you as a business owner?

Google is already encouraging website owners to have an SSL certificate and wants to see a future where all site communication is encrypted. In a year or so it’s likely websites without SSL will prompt a warning about the website being insecure, which is likely to look like the “Not Secure” featured image that Google have published, including hte angry red text. This could be a significant problem in building trust with your users. Get ahead of the game and install an SSL certificate!