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We believe in Quality over Quantity. We don't build websites by the dozen or have a '3 page website costs £££' approach as this devalues both what we do and your business too.

Team background

We have a diverse dedicated team in the office, young at heart. In 2017 the team grew to include Designer Dan, taking us to a fantastic trio. Dan’s a rock star bassist in his spare time, but he doesn’t let that interfere with making great websites. James is celebrating his eighth year with the team in 2022.

My background

Hey there! I’m the Andy Gardner that gave his name to the business. Hailing from the Lake District I’ve made Bristol my home. I got into web design in the early noughties after graduating from Bristol University. Rather by accident my Project & Community Management role for the UK’s leading entertainment chain became increasingly web based as the internet took off.

After a couple of intervening years as Technical Director for a popular gadget eCommerce portal I founded my own web design business in 2009. This has been a super-positive experience engaging in the challenges of setting up and establishing a successful small business.

Small businesses are still best suited at helping their peers, especially locally. There’s still an appreciation for a personal touch from local suppliers and it’s great to feed back into the Bristol community.

Design consultation

Setting up business has been one of the best decisions of my life. Our aim is for each website to be better than the last.

Encouraging Local Trade

It’s initiatives like the Bristol Pound that make it fun to work in Bristol. The Bristol pound is a great idea for keeping business local. We’re registered traders and will happily accept payment in Bristol pounds.


As well as having beautifully designed paper notes, Bristol Pound has enabled us to support alternative payment methods with a text pay system and phone app.

…with a small footprint

We’re also committed to the Bristol is Green initiative, and have replaced the tools of our trade, monitors and computers, with ever more energy efficient versions.


However, we’re just one business and for change that matters we have to make sure our client services are green too. We’ve made the committment that our hosting services are provided by energy efficient carbon offset servers.

We recently founded Webspry, a collaborative design agency for Bristol digital creatives & coders. Webspry aims to find interesting and collective solutions to real world web design, particularly encouraging novel solutions and incorporating innovative ideas.


Search ranking for andy-gardner.co.uk 87%
Latest craft beer brew 60%
Publishing my first book 40%
Recommended caffeine intake 110%
Launching my online design shop 67%

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